Product List

We manufacturing & Supplying cable jointing, accessories 1.1kv to 66kv.

Product list 1 Upto 66kv

Heat shrinkable Anti tracking tubing.

Heat shrinkable Busbar tubing.

Heat shrinkable Medium wall tubing.

Heat shrinkable Dual wall tubing.

Heat shrinkable Wrap Around sleeve.

Heat shrinkable Stress control tubing.

Product list 2 Upto 66kv

Black mastic.

Heat shrinkable ReinShed.

Heat shrinkable breakout.

Yellow stress control mastic.

Red waterproof sealing mastic.

Heat shrinkable Stress control tubing.

Alluminum & Copper

Lugs. & Ferrules.

Mechanical connectors : Lugs & Ferrules.


Cable jointing kits from 1.1KV to 66kv

Indoor termination.

Outdoor termination.

Outdoor core.

Yellow stress control mastic

Stress grading mastic is used in MV terminations and joints for providing stress relief of the electric field.

Busbar insulating tubing

Busbar Insulation Tubing is a thick-wall heat-shrinkable tubing for copper and aluminum busbars.

Rain shed

These sheds are appropriate to avoid continuity during rainy season and short circuiting of the electrical system.

Dual wall tubing

High-quality heat shrink tubing, they can be used for solder joint protection, group of lines marking.

LT breakout

we are able to manufacture and supply the superlative quality of Heat Shrink LT Breakout.

Round Anti tracking tubing

We are providing a high-quality range of Round Heat Shrinkable Anti-Tracking Tube.

Mechanical connector lug

We are Manufacturer of a high-quality range of Cable Accessories .

Heavy wall tubing

Heat Shrink Tubing for Electrical Construction and Maintenance.

Indoor Joint

The Cable Jointing Kits are available for complete range of cables.

Straight through joint

Heat Shrinkable Straight Through Joints are designed forlaminated dielectric (PILC/XLPE) Power Cables.

Polymeric insulator

Silicon rubber sheds